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Monday, 5 June 2017

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Breaking News: President Muhammadu Bahuri Is Dead - USA Reporting (Photo)

Earlier today, a london news paper has confirmed the death of the Nigerian President Muhammed Buhari.
President Buhari left the country for medical followup leaving a letter of consent to the senate in compliance with section 145(1) of the 1999 constitution.
Mr Eric Joyce a British politician and a former military officer has sent condolence over the death of the president.
Eric Joyce sent his condolence via his twitter handle. 
He Wrote:
“Very sad to learn, hear of the death of President Buhari, who I campaigned for. Thoughts with his wife @AishaBuhari and family.
“The President of one of the world’s largest and sensitive country died today [Friday] in London today. In our main news bulletins, not a word.
In his most recent tweet about the president Death, he tweeted:
“UK is curiously uninterested in whether Nigerian president, reportedly in London is dead or alive.
“Nigeria is one of the most important countries of the world. Its by far the largest country in Africa; it’s the fastest growing economy there by a long chalk ….
“I do stuff in Africa, the extractive industries and Scotland. Previous a UK politician and soldier. Some good moments and some not so good.”
The Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK told reporters that plans are being made to transport the body of the president back to Abuja. Where his final burial rites will be held.